Fun for kids at the gym

Active kids are happy kids. Drop your children off at our kid-friendly gym facilities so they can have fun moving in a safe, secure environment while you get some time to train.
Kids at Virgin Active

Kids gym memberships costs

Our kids gym memberships costs vary based on the club you select due to club-specific facilities. Get in touch with us or chat to the team at your local club for more info on the Kids facilities on offer. 


6 weeks – 7 years


From R99 a month
  • Secure, safe environment with access control
  • Scientifically developed gym programmes for younger kids
  • Nursery & care facilities for littles
6 weeks – 13 years

Club-V Max

From R240 a month
  • Everything in Club-V plus more
  • Larger facilities, multiple activity zones
  • Areas for older kids to enhance motor skills

We're here to move!

One size doesn’t fit all

From infants to teenagers, we offer tailored gym experiences for different age groups.


6 weeks – 17 months

For the littles, we’ve created a safe and stimulating environment where they can nap and play while you’re at the gym. There is a temperature controlled nursery with a fully equipped changing station and when baby’s up, we’ll keep them busy.

Mini Movers

18 months – 3 years

Designed in conjunction with Stellenbosch Kinderkinetics, our toddler programme focuses on improving the 9 key skills in the rudimentary phase of motor development: running, jumping, hopping, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, static balance and dynamic balance.

Active Play

4 – 7 years

Designed in conjunction with Stellenbosch Kinderkinetics, your kids will master fundamental motor development skills: running, jumping, hopping, throwing, catching, kicking, striking, galloping, static balance and dynamic balance.

FUNctional Fitness

8 – 13 years

We offer a range of activities and classes inside our Club-V Max facilities as well as on the gym floor. Under your supervision they can use pools, squash courts, stretch areas and an array of cardio equipment. More info on what they can do on the gym floor.


Check out some of our movement programmes for kids.

Active Play

A scientifically developed programme that focusses on fundamental skills development (4 – 7 years).

Grid Squad

Grid Squad puts the fun into functional training, teaching kids 6 primal movement skills, whilst having loads of fun (4 – 7 years and 8 – 13 years).


Boost is a drills-centric class that develops speed, power, agility and quickness, turning your kids into better movers for life (8 – 13 years).

Game On

Game On gets kids breathlessly active with playground-inspired movement activities (8 – 13 years).


A fun High Intensity Interval Training class, introducing kids to the wonderful world of bodyweight training (8 – 13 years).

Little Dippers

The focus is on water safety and developing your little swimmer's skills. You accompany your little one in the pool, so it’s not only fun but also reassuring for them.

Big Dippers

Things get a little more advanced for the bigger kids, but each child will be coached based on their skill levels. So whether they've been swimming a while or not, we've got a class for them.

Discovery Vitality Families

Children under 18 can join Virgin Active for 50% off the standard monthly fees if you or your spouse use the Vitality gym benefit. More info

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