Our gym floor, your arena

From fully-equipped cardio and strength training areas to all the toys and space you'll need to train, spend some time getting to know what's available on our gym floor.

All the spaces in all the places

There's plenty to choose from on the gym floor and if you need any help with the equipment or technique, just give the staff on the floor a shout - they're ready and waiting to assist.

Winter's Better Together.


Great for the heart! Step, Ride, Run, Row... you do you. Our cardio training areas in our gyms are jam-packed with the latest equipment to get you and keep you moving.

Functional Floor

From kettle bells and battel ropes to plyometric boxes and slam balls... It's always play time on the functional floor. Use the space to smash out a HIIT session, have a stretch or crunch those abs.


From free weights and dumbbells to Smith machines and cable crossovers, our clubs are kitted out for anyone who wants to focus on strength training. Strength training is for everyone, so don't be intimidated by all the kit - we've got you.


Stretching before and after your session is super important. We have dedicated stretch areas and all the gear you need to get a good stretch in.

Reach your goals with a Personal Trainer

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