Virgin Active Swimming Coaches

Why use a Swim Coach

  • Goal setting
  • Establishing routine
  • Event preparation
  • Water safety
  • Fitness
  • Rehabilitation
  • Learn to Swim
  • Stroke development

Swim lessons and coaching

Swimming is a great total body workout and our Swim Coaches are all highly qualified and experienced and are ready and waiting to get you into the pool to work on your swimming-specific and exercise goals. You will find 20 or 25 metre heated swimming pools in most of our gyms. You can also enjoy a swim in smaller, heated leisure pools at many of our gyms. 

Swim coaching sessions and packs are available for purchase on our app. Just visit the Experts section to see what's available at your club and purchase your sessions.


Swim assessments

A great way to assess current ability and technique across a range of skills and strokes. It only takes between 5 – 15 minutes, and the Swim Coach will be well equipped to advise which kind of lessons/coaching options would best suit your needs. For children and adults.

Swimming lessons

Learning how to swim is an important and exhilarating key life skill. Lessons are organised around age or skill level and cater to babies as young as 6 months through to toddlers, older children, and adults. Group and solo swimming lessons are available, and your Swim Coach will focus on water safety, swimming fundamentals and water confidence.

Squad Training

Squad training allows you to work with a Swim Coach to focus on developing and maintaining swimming techniques and performance in a team environment. Squad training is available for adults and children who have already developed core swimming competencies.

Swim Coaching

Whether you want to improve your technique, prepare for an event, or just reap the full physical rewards of swimming as exercise, you’ll work with your coach to achieve your goals. Swim with a group or go solo while working on a personalised development plan with your Swim Coach.

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