Virgin Active Swimming Coaches

Why use a Health Professional

  • Expert advice
  • Rehabilitation
  • Improved performance
  • Medical scheme assessments
  • Personalised programmes
  • Pain relief
  • Condition management
  • Recovery

Meet the Health Professionals

When you see one of the Health Professionals at the gym, they will chat to you about your current health status and injuries and assess your training or nutrition goals. Our Health Professionals will then be able to advise on the best and safest way to pursue your goals. 



Biokineticists are experts in the rehabilitation of orthopaedic injuries and chronic or neurological conditions. Also, they use exercises to improve general wellness and quality of life and can conduct both the Discovery Vitality and Momentum Fitness Asessments which you can book via our app.
We have Bios at many of our gyms.


Physiotherapists assess, treat, and prevent movement disorders and help restore normal function or minimise dysfunction and pain. Physios can assist with the rehabilitation of sports injuries, postural assessments, soft tissue mobilisation, respiratory conditions and muscle activation.
We have Physios at a growing number of Virgin Active gyms.


Chiropractors care for your neuromusculoskeletal system and help manage back and neck pain through spinal adjustments to maintain good alignment. They can assist with posture correction and ergonomic advice. Chiros can work with you to address any neuromusculoskeletal concerns you may have as well.
We have Chiros at the following gyms: Melrose Arch, Richards Bay, La Lucia and Moses Mabhida.

Massage Therapists

A Sports Massage therapist uses sports massage techniques to improve flexibility and blood circulation, reduce muscle soreness and cramping and increase recovery time after exercise. Sports Massage Therapists can also help with tissue regeneration and stress reduction.
We have Sports Massage Therapists at the following gyms: Athlone, Waterstone Village, Lonehill, Middleburg, Menlyn, Boksburg K90, Little Falls and Moses Mabhida.


Dieticians can assess, diagnose, and treat dietary and nutritional concerns. Our expert Dieticians assist with weight management, personalised meal plans, nutrition for chronic diseases, nutrition for sporting performance and mental wellbeing.
We have Dieticians at the following gyms: Rosebank, Lonehill, Centurion, Middleburg, Boksburg K90, Pietermaritzburg, Gateway and Cascades.

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